20161015_100224The 23rd Annual Snowmobile Club Raffle will be held January 21, 2017

Click Here to see the photos from last year’s raffle (2015)

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped on the Suspension Bridge last weekend!


Founded in 1973, Green Mountain Roamers is a snowmobile club based out of Waterbury, VT. Not only does the club provide activities for snowmobiling enthusiasts in the area but it also services trails, completes necessary trail construction improvements, provides ongoing grooming and maintenance, and supports local safety programs. Snowmobiling contributes an estimated $555 million to Vermont’s economy annually.

President: Johnny Lynds
Vice president: Jamie Sheltra
Treasurer: Sophia Pitt
Secretary: Kelly Ainsworth
Trail Master: Craig Gibbs
Website Manager: Jeremiah Johnson
TMA Officer: Johnny Lynds

Thank you to all who have volunteered their
time, money and land to support our organization

Without you we wouldn’t have the trail system we all enjoy!